Success Stories of Clients

  • Clyde , Kemar and Mark
    Clyde , Kemar and Mark were among some of the participants who completed successfully in the rehabilitative programme. These clients were provided with employment and are still working. They also reunited with their families. The organisation used recreational activities for these men such as educational tours every 2 weeks. Some of the attractions they visited were the Barbados Museum, Atlantic Submarine, Farley Hill, Tami Cruises and the Barbados Horticultural Society. BVHS also hosted a number of awareness activities, where clients spoke about their past experiences on the streets to audiences at the University of the West Indies and HM Dodds, also as mentioned in the previous report. BVHS staff has grown and has continually contributed to the success of these men. To mention one person in particular, Mrs. Kimberly Harewood, Case Manager. Kemar is a young 20 year old who at the time was on remand at HMP Dodds. He was charged three times with loitering and was to serve 3 years in prison, instead, he was referred to BVHS by his probation officer. Kemar became homeless because his mother put him out of the family home. Kemar served 6 months in BVHS’ ATC programme and has successfully moved on to Barbados Vocational Training Board. However, it was discovered that the BVHS’ landlord was Kemar’s aunt. When our landlord realized that her nephew was in dire need of assistance, she allowed him to reside with her.
    Clyde , Kemar and Mark
  • Mr. Gazette
    BVHS has been seeking to help him for the past 4 year, and he constantly refused our assistant, so he searched for a job on his own for 4 years without success. He finally came to BVHS after serving two years for burglary at Her Majesty’s Dodds Prison. While in prison, his girlfriend died from breast cancer and his 3 children became wards of the state and were place in a children’s home. M. Gazette was assisted on the said day and within 10 min. of meeting with Mr. Saffrey he was placed in employment and a roof over his head, Gazette is now employed and seeking custody of his children once again. BVHS recorded Mr. Gazettes' case at the fastest case ever to be dealt with in BVHS history.
    Mr. Gazette